Autodesk Revit Electrical

Trainer Mohammad Al Jaafreh
Place Omniplan
Fee 250 JOD
Av. Seats 10
Schedule 27/07/2021 09/09/2021 Sun, Tue, Thu 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
duration 40 Hrs
Registration Closed

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نسعى في هذه الدورة الى تمكين المهندس من استخدام البرنامج بشكل محترف من خلال تفاعله مع مدرب مهندس ممارس للبرنامج في بيئة عمله وان يسعى الطالب الى استخلاص ما هو مهم واهم في خفايا البرنامج ونسعى الى تخريج مهندسين قادرين على اسقاط ما تعلموه في بيئة عملهم وتحسينها

تعتمد الدورة على الامثلة العملية في كيفية استخدام كافة أدوات النمذجة التي يوفرها البرنامج لتجهيز مخططات متكاملة لكل من نظام الاناره و أنظمه التوزيع الكهربائي و أنظمه التيار الخفيف و الادوات الخاصه في حساب الكميات الكهربائية للأنظمه السابقة


The Autodesk REVIT MEP ELECTRICAL provides a strong information in 


  • Getting familiar With Revit.
  • Getting familiar With Revit families and how to create them.
  • Knowing how to model various mechanical services using Revit.
  • Knowing how to coordinate various mechanical services using Revit.
  • Knowing how to generate design and shop drawings using Revit.
  • Knowing how to use Revit to calculate cooling and heating loads.
  • Knowing how BIM projects are carried out using real life examples of delivered BIM projects.
  • Getting familiar with Navisworks.
  • Getting familiar with the concept of LOD.
  • Getting familiar with common practices in mechanical modeling and solving clashes.



Electrical engineers in consulting field

Electrical engineers in construction field

Electrical engineers students

مهندسو الكهرباء – خدمات المباني – تصميم ، تنفيذ ، اشراف

طلاب الهندسة الكهربائية

رسامو الأعمال الكهربائية


         Module 1: (Getting start)

    • Introduction to BIM technology.
    • Introduction to REVIT.
    • REVIT template and Family template.
    • REVIT options, Project browser, properties, Ribbon, Toolbars.
  • Module 2: (Collaboration)
    • Import CAD, REVIT links, CAD links, IFC links.
    • Copy levels and set up monitoring, coordination review
    • Create floor plans, ceiling plan, drafting views, callouts.
    • Create floor plans, ceiling plan, drafting views, callouts.
    • Filters, model and annotation categories, Manage links, 3d views, sections, elevations.
  • Module 3: (Families Elements)
    • Introduction to electrical family template.
    • Differentiate system and component of electrical families.
    • Differentiate types of electrical families.
    • Edit electrical Family Connectors.
  • Module 4:(Modeling Electrical Elements)
    • Add and modify receptacles.
    • Add and modify panels.
    • Create and modify circuits.
    • Add and modify conduits, cable trays, cable ladder.
    • Add and modify lighting fixture.
    • Add and modify switches, sensors.
    • Create lighting circuit system.
    • Add and modify Data and telephone outlet with systems.
    • Add and modify security components with systems.
    • Add and modify Fire alarm detectors with systems.
    • Add and modify Fire alarm detectors with systems.
    • Add and modify nurse call with systems.
  • Module 5: (work-sharing tools)
    • Work‐sharing.
    • Work sets.
    • Synchronize settings.
    • Manage models.
  • Module 6: (Documentation)
    • Revit annotation (Text, dimension, tags, color, labels).
    • Revit Settings (object style, line and style, line weights, line pattern, transfer project standard).
    • Modify tools, draw tools.
    • Sheets, schedules and quantities.
  • Module 7: (Coordination)
    • Clash detection (Test), Select IDs.
    • Check systems.
    • Warnings tool.


  • Module 8: (Pilot project)
    • Discussion and applications for Pilot project Designed on REVIT MEP 2020.
    • Short Exam in Last Day of course on REVIT MEP 2021.


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